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Three Spirit Brewing Tasting and Food!

We will be doing a tasting highlighting Three Spirit Brewing out of Charlotte, NC.  This brand new brewery is making great stuff and this is a chance to enjoy what they are making.  Plus Breakfast & Beyond will be serving up some grub!

Below is the taplist for the event!

Ain't No Hop Steppin' (6.5%) - The beer contains five different types of hops. Instead of giving the beer an overly bitter taste, the hops are used in a way that accentuates their individual flavor quality, without being overpowering. The choice of malts provides a sturdy and pleasant background to support the multiple variety of hops. The beer is dark gold in color, medium-bodied with a pleasantly floral hop aroma and a subtle butterscotch aftertaste.

Southern Bliss (5.0%) - The hops are present and lightly perceived on the palate. There is also a mild apricot flavor that has a pleasant aroma and lingers slightly after consumption. You actually smell the apricot more than you taste it. Southern Bliss is a light-bodied beer with a light golden color. Its lower alcohol content makes it a perfect “all day” beer, ready to be enjoyed outdoors or whenever you prefer a lighter beer. This beer is a good choice for those who like typical American lagers, as well as for novice craft beer drinkers.

Helles Bane (5.0%) - In early spring, Three Spirits will introduce this seasonal beer, a Munich Helles if you could not guess. It is light and mainly malty with subdued hop notes. The increased use of malts give the beer a more substantial body than you would expect in a light beer and also a bit more of a kick.