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Smuttynose 14' Imperial Stout / Stoudt's Brewmaster Reserve DIPA Tapping!

Well we couldn't make up our minds, so will do both.  Friday we will be tapping:

(Steve) Smuttynose 14' Imperial Stout (Kegged on 12/31/13) - Originally brewed in the early 19th century for export from Britain to the imperial court of Russia’s Catherine the Great, imperial stouts are characterized by their dark color & full body.  This style features a rich, malty sweetness coupled with aggressive hopping (especially in American interpretations). Notes of dried fruit as well as roasted malt flavors are typically present.

(Brandon) Stoudt's Brewmaster Reserve DIPA aged in Red Wine - Strong and full-bodied ale, deep golden color, intense hop characteristics, complex malty flavor.

Come out and enjoy these two great brews, plus you can pick who made the better choice (and make fun of the one who didn't)!